Quality - Access Systems International

ASI strives to maintain a total quality approach when executing projects, from simple conversion of drawings to the design and modeling of complex assemblies. Our overall focus is to complete the project on time to the customer's complete satisfaction.

Our engineers set the overall philosophy for job execution and they include the following guidelines:

1. Understand the requirements thoroughly before beginning any job.
2. Do not hesitate to ask questions from the client if there is any doubt.
3. Although customers are always right, do not hesitate to offer suggestions of improvement.
4. Examine every job from the client's perspective and expectations.

Our quality control procedures attempt to fulfill the following objectives:

1. Minimize errors during the early phase of the project.
2. Ensure errors are flagged as close to real time as possible.
3. Provide early feedback to staff and management on systemic deviations.
4. Identify sources of repeated lapses even when they occur non-sequentially.
5. Design correction or improvement procedures that are easy to implement.

In addition, for large projects, we develop rigorous testing procedures with the aid of Java, Visual Basic and LISP programming. Our quality control approaches will be discussed during our formal presentations.

We are working towards ISO 9001 certification.