Overview - Access Systems International

Modern day products and services are relying more and more on the use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology that are applied not only in manufacturing industries but also in architectural, financial and engineering services. Hand-drawn designs, plans and even 2D CAD drawings are now paving the way for 3D models in all spheres of business; for visualization, presentation, production and planning.

Working with the latest technology in 3D design and engineering software (CATIA, Pro/ E, IDEAS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, 3D Studio Max and SolidWorks), Access Systems can model your product designs in 3D and perform the necessary engineering analysis and tests to ensure functionality, durability and high quality.

We invite you to team up for a collaborative venture and exploit our expertise in all areas of engineering. It will not only increase productivity but also reduce costs significantly. Our approach is to work with your team so they not only increase total output but also enjoy personal growth, experience and morale.