Services - Access Systems International
Drawing Conversion and Vectorization
Access specializes in high-quality conversion of your legacy data into CAD drawings and models whether it be from paper to 2D or 2D to 3D files. These services enable companies to free up resources to use their CAD team to perform more elaborate and complex tasks. By providing conversions in various formats, we enable companies to achieve economies.

Digital Elevation Modeling
We create 3D terrain model using the survey data to give you the exact replica of the terrain so that you can do volumetric analysis, layout planning, landscaping, hydrology, etc.
Image Processing and Raster Handling
We help you to process satellite images, aerial photography and raster images by image processing, geo referencing, mosaicing, cleaning up and vectorising the images and provide you with Hybrid GIS ready Data and Maps.

Utility Management
We provide services and solutions for all your utilities like water, drainage, roads, electricity, telephones, pipelines, cable network, etc. by integrating georeferenced map with real time data that can help plan, manage and maintain your utilities in a better way

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