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Our small but growing team of electrical engineers have engaged in several projects in the US and Europe. The work includes 3D modeling, generating 2D drawings, craeating wiring connections,

3D Design
Development of 3D models of sub-stations and other electrical structures enable clients to pre-check design prior to construction and optimize placement of equipment including control panels. Whether new design or modification of old designs, our engineers will ensure non-interference of cabling and wiring plans.

Generation of Wiring Diagrams
Design connection drawings from schematics and elementary diagrams that include connections through PLCs, relays, switches and terminal blocks. New connections or modifications based on demolition drawings and create cable lists. Independent quality control procedures to cross-verify all connections.

2D Drawings
Generate single line drawings, ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, lighting and feeder schedules, motor control circuits, panel layouts, BOMs, hydraulic and pneumatic drawings, transmission and step downs, and industrial circuits.

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